Profit Through Customer Service

taught by James Carson

Course description

Profit Through Customer Service provides a concise, easily applicable template to create a pro-active service plan that transforms your customers into raving fans. It includes the key elements the plan needs to contain and how to go about assembling a new or improved customer service plan for implementing within your organization.

Proven worksheets are included to enable you to quickly assemble a basic plan and equip your team with the tools and mindset for providing a truly world class customer service experience with consistency and excellence right away.

We've taken the fluff and filler out to deliver this content quickly and efficiently.

James Carson
James Carson

I am a teacher, facilitator and advisor who uses a common sense approach to success and growth. I have presented to and implemented these strategies in the educational, faith-based, business, and personal settings. I have been involved with customer service and sales for 30 years. I strive to “see things as they are and to do things as they ought to be done” as the foundation my Common Sense Teaching business. I am the author of “ABCs of Business Gardening” – a mini eBook, and two training course. “Profit Through Customer Service” and "Common Sense Negotiating”.